About us

Based at the heart of Europe in Brussels, www.ethiopiancoffee.eu is a platform striving to connect Ethiopian Coffee suppliers to the European market. We believe there is a very big untapped market potential for Ethiopian Coffee in Europe. Ethiopia is the leading coffee producer and exporter in Africa and 5th largest producer in the world.

Through our marketplace, companies can connect to Ethiopian coffee suppliers and do business directly. We are a technology company based in Brussels, Belgium, and we know the Ethiopian market, and how to get things done. We have sales people on the ground in Ethiopia and we strive to reach most coffee producers.

Ethiopian companies sell their products to the European market, European companies buy Ethiopian coffee, we create the lead and connect them. We believe the micro, small and medium enterprises are the engine for most economies and offer enormous trade potential, however have limited opportunities to sell their products and services globally. The internet enables new and affordable channels of marketing. Our marketplace offers this unique opportunity for small and big Ethiopian companies alike to promote their coffee supplies to the European market.

We are currently on our beta version of our platform. The next steps will be to integrate blockchain based tracability to coffee supplies and work with selected suppliers in making the supply chain more transparent and fair for all involved actors. 

If you have any questions? Our customer service is always ready to help you.