About us

Located in the heart of Europe, specifically in Brussels, www.ethiopiancoffee.eu serves as a dynamic platform dedicated to bridging the gap between Ethiopian coffee suppliers and the European market. Our unwavering belief lies in the immense, yet largely untapped, potential of Ethiopian Coffee within Europe. Ethiopia stands as Africa's foremost coffee producer and exporter, holding the esteemed position of the fifth-largest coffee producer globally.

At the core of our mission is the establishment of a robust marketplace where companies can seamlessly connect with Ethiopian coffee suppliers and engage in direct business transactions. As a technology-driven entity headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, we boast an in-depth understanding of the Ethiopian market and possess the expertise to navigate its intricacies. With a presence on the ground in Ethiopia, our dedicated sales team is committed to establishing connections with a wide array of coffee producers.

Our overarching goal is to facilitate Ethiopian companies in selling their products to the European market while enabling European enterprises to source the finest Ethiopian coffee. We act as the conduit that brings these two entities together. Recognizing the pivotal role that micro, small, and medium enterprises play in driving economies, we acknowledge their immense trade potential, which is often hindered by limited global sales opportunities. The advent of the internet has ushered in new and cost-effective avenues for marketing, and our marketplace stands as a unique opportunity for both small and large Ethiopian companies to showcase their coffee supplies to the European market.

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